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Intervention (noun): a planned act of love and concern with key objectives.  

The first objective is to reflect to the individual how their behavior is perceived. Many adolescents and young adults who act out are unable to see how their behavior affects those around them. They are insecure, lost and stuck in risky behavior patterns. The goal of the intervention is to acknowledge and support who they are, while not allowing their destructive behavior to be "ok" anymore. Our credentialed and accomplished interventionists will safely guide each family through this process. 

The second objective is to assist family members and loved ones to become a unified front. This will help eliminate the ways in which adolescents and young adults manipulate family members so that they can continue their behavior. Adolescents will not change a behavior that works for them. This fundamental foundation of behavior drives our intervention process. At Breakthrough Interventions, we create the opportunity for your adolescent or young adult to experience first hand that their behaviors will no longer achieve their desired outcome. Whether your adolescent's behavior is motivated by attention, power, revenge, or the display of inadequacy, our Family Agreements aspect of the intervention will assist with this process by creating new structure and boundaries. Power struggles are a part of every family as an adolescent begins to assert their autonomy and independence. Sometimes, family members can give in to dangerous behaviors therein sending inconsistent messages. Even with the best intentions, parents can unwittingly and unknowingly enable a self-defeating cycle to continue. The intervention objective for the family is to discuss the behavior in the group setting and develop a collective understanding of how their lives are being affected. This process will expose the adolescent's behavior and start a foundation for growth. Our trained, qualified interventionists will empower the family to use their good intentions towards supporting a new healthy path for their son or daughter. 

An intervention is not appropriate for every family. If you are interested, we offer a free evaluation and assessment to determine whether an intervention is the best choice. If not, we can help find alternatives to best serve your family. At Breakthrough Interventions, we are committed to providing the highest quality interventions. We know how hard it is to share your struggle; the most important thing is to ask for help. We understand the struggles you face, and that sometimes the hardest part is daring to hope. 

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